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Hundred Counting Board With Crystals


This hundred board is crafted from linden wood and features one hundred “cups” that can be filled by your little one while counting, sorting, and playing.  Comes with a tube full of crystals and a card to identify each. 

So many different uses for this versatile board it can be used at so many different ages and abilities.  

Some ideas: 

  • Sort by Rows of Colors
  • Count from 1 - 100 while filling in the cups with stones - and do the same thing while going backwards.
  • Practice counting by 2s, 3s, 5s - and place different crystals on those tables.
  • Try adding in some other loose parts and use as a sorting board.  (Tray felt balls, acorns, shells or any other smaller loose parts)

Set Includes: 

  • 100 board made from linden wood

  • 45 ML tube full of assorted tumbled crystals sized from 3mm - 15mm

  • Crystal identification card


  • Board Approximately 9 x 9


  • 3 years+
  • Made from natural wood and natural oils that are EN-71 compliant 
  • Made in Turkey by Oyuncak House
  • Stones are natural