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The Royal MIce - King & Queen Mouse Set

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Hear ye, hear ye! All rise for her excellency, King & Queen Mice! The ruler of all the mice in the Maileg universe, Kind &Queen Mice are devoted to making sure every mouse feels included, important and cherished.  Create spectacular stories with these royal Mice! 

Queen Mouse comes dressed in a royal floral gown that was tailored specifically for her. Atop her head sits a beautiful shiny crown.  While King Mouse comes with an elegant robe fit only for a king, blue striped pants and of course a shiny crown atop his head.


  • King & Queen Mice – which are Mom/Dad sized mice


  • King & Queen are 6” tall

Other Info:

  • 3+ 
  • CE certified
  • Danish Designed
  • Mice are made from cotton with poly blend inner.