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Large Natural Wooden Building Boards - 11 Piece

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These simple but versatile building boards may seem like just wood slats to you but give them to a child and watch them play and in their eyes they can become:  Roads, Bridges, Fences, roofs, teepees and when paired with the natural rainbow and some basic blocks so much more.   

Made in Europe and cut from Linden wood it is just as beautiful on the shelf as it is when being used. 


  • 11 Pieces -  longest is just under 15” long and shortest just under 4” long
  • Linden wood with natural grain 

Makes the perfect complement with our Natural Rainbow found here and Semi circles found here


  • 3 years + 
  • Made from natural wood and natural oils that are EN-71 compliant 
  • Made in Turkey by Oyuncak House

Please note that because of variations in the wood grain and color, every rainbow is unique and no two will be alike.   It is also common for the wood to have natural markings and imperfections that some may view as “flaws” we encourage you see these not as flaws but as a beautiful reminder that this toy was once a living thing and that imperfections are what make us all unique and beautiful and it is not something to be tossed away.