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Happy Camper Mice, Tent, and Rubber Boat Set


Let’s go camping with your new Maileg friends.  Big sister and big brother hiking mice with their darling outdoor outfits and sleeping bags are ready to go into the wilderness with their popup tent and head down the river the next day on their raft. This tent is perfect to bring anywhere you like because of its ability to fold down flat.  Now you just need the marshmallows for roasting!


  • Big Brother Mouse with Hiking Outfit and Sleeping Bag
  • Big Sister Mouse with Hiking Outfit and Sleeping Bag
  • Tent with attached mattress and blanket.
  • Working flashlight
  • Rubber Boat/Life jacket/Paddle


  • Big Brother & Sister Mice are about 5” Tall
  • Tent is 7” wide by 8.5” high.
  • Boat Measures 5" x 3.5"

Other Info:

  • 3+
  • CE certified
  • Danish Designed
  • Mice are made from cotton with poly blend inner.