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Ways to Play with your Grimms Wooden Rainbow

Ways to Play with your Grimms Wooden Rainbow

Grimm's large wooden rainbow is not just a toy; it's an open-ended, versatile tool that can spark the imagination of both children and adults alike. Made from beautifully colored wooden arches, this iconic toy offers endless possibilities for play, learning, creativity, and fun without any predetermined rules or outcomes. In this blog post, we'll explore some creative ways to make the most of your Grimm's Rainbow and unlock its full potential.

Stack them high!  Build a tower as tall as you can get:

A rainbow stacker consists of wooden arches of different sizes and colors that can be stacked in unbelievable ways. Challenge your child's engineering skills by stacking the arches into a tower. Experiment with different designs and heights, fostering problem-solving, creativity and spatial awareness. Children can challenge themselves to stack the arches in the correct order, or try to stack them in different ways, such as upside down, sideways, or diagonally.

Picture of Grimm’s rainbows stacked by @miaruinst

Design Imaginative Small world play:

Use the arches as mountains, waves, towers, castles, houses, fences, or anything else they can imagine in a small world play scene. Add wooden animals, blocks, cars, dolls, or natural materials to create captivating landscapes for storytelling. This can help them express their creativity, and originality.

Build a Colorful Bridge:

Stack the arches to create a vibrant bridge for castles, fairy gardens, toy cars, trains, and figurines, along with play silks as a waterfall or a river or even marbles to roll under. This simple construction encourages fine motor skills, self-expression, and imaginative play.

Explore Symmetry:

Make half of a pattern or an image and allow your child to finish it. You can also introduce new ideas and challenges to extend their play.

Create Mandala Art:

You can also join in the play with your child and model how to use the rainbow stacker in different ways. You can also follow their lead and let them direct the play. Arrange the arches in intricate patterns to craft stunning mandala designs. This artistic activity promotes patience and focus.

Learn About Size and Balance:

Experiment with balance by placing smaller objects on top of the rainbow arches. This hands-on experience helps children grasp concepts related to weight, balance, and stability. A rainbow stacker is a puzzle by stacking from smallest to largest. You can challenge yourself or your child to stack the rainbow arches in the correct order or try to stack them in different ways, such as upside down, sideways, or diagonally.

Sort by Color:

Another way to use a rainbow stacker is as a learning tool to practice the colors of the rainbow. Children can name the colors as they stack them, or sort them by hue, saturation, or brightness. This can help them enhance their vocabulary, memory, and visual perception. They can also match the colors with other objects in their environment, such as fruits, buttons, beads, flowers, or clothes. This can help them make connections and associations between different things. 

Picture of Grimm’s color sorting from @shunmun_makelearningfun

Combine with Other Toys:

Integrate your Grimm's Rainbow into other play scenarios. Pair it with blocks, balls, train tracks, play silks, cars, or wooden figurines, or loose parts to enhance imaginative play.

Picture of Grimm’s counting rainbow with ballrun built using a rainbow stacker, building boards and semi-circles by @jasoemi.playtime
Make a cake

What a fun way to celebrate the birthday of a child or a stuffed friend, stack them up and decorate. They can use loose parts found in your backyard or a garden or treasures collected from nature walks. It can be as simple or as elaborate as they want it to be.

Picture of Grimm’s rainbow made into a birthday cake from @mylife.mylens 

Tracing fun

A rainbow stacker can be a tracing toy because you can use the rainbow arches to trace shapes and patterns on paper. They can trace the outline of each arch, or overlap them to create new shapes such as circles, stars, hearts, or flowers. They can also use different colors of crayons or markers to fill in the shapes and make their own rainbow art. 

Picture of Grimm’s rainbow tracing from @shunmun_makelearningfun


A rainbow stacker is a counting toy because you can use the rainbow arches to practice counting and math skills. You can count how many arches there are in total, or how many of each color. You can also add, subtract, multiply, or divide the arches by using them as counters or manipulatives. You can make a game out of it or use this activity to reinforce early math concepts.

Picture of Grimm’s counting rainbow with Small Stepped Counting Blocks by @miaruinst

Grimm's Rainbow is more than just a toy; it's an educational and creative tool that can grow with your child's development. By exploring these ten different ways to play with Grimm's Rainbow, you can inspire a world of imagination, learning, and fun. Whether you're building, sorting, or crafting, the possibilities are endless with this timeless wooden toy. So, dive into the world of Grimm's Rainbow and watch your child's creativity blossom!

I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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