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Bug, Ocean, Forest, Pond Life, Numbers & Emotions - Sensory Stamper and Roller - 36 Rollers

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Roll into playdough or clay and stamp with the 6 pack of creatures to create hands-on habitats. Children can experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways to create satisfying sensory art!


  • 6 Forest rollers - bird and tree, bat and wood, moth and fern, squirrel and tree trunk, snail and leaves, rabbit and burrow.
  • 6 Pond rollers -  frog and lily pads, fish and weeds, duck and pond, kingfisher and perch, water strider and duckweed, dragonfly and cattails.
  • 6 Oceans Rollers - dolphin and waves, turtle and coral, fish and bubbles, seahorse and seagrass, shark and fish, octopus and cave. 
  • 6 Garden Bugs - butterfly and meadow, bee and honeycomb, spider and web, ladybug and flowers, caterpillar and branch, grasshopper and grass.
  •  6 Number Rollers: two traditional number grids; two vertical frames: a beanstalk and stepping stones; and two horizontal frames: bird boxes and train carriages.
  • 6 Emotion rollers-  That can express: happy, excited, sad, worried, calm, and angry.
  • Rollers are about  2.5" x 1.5"

Other Info:

  • 3 years +
  • Pebbles are made from a unique stone composite and are strong enough to be used even by your roughest littles, both inside and outdoors.
  • Designed in the UK; Responsibly made in China
  • ASTM & CPSIA compliant