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Easter's on its Way! Click for Easter Deadlines
Easter's on its Way! Click for Easter Deadlines



After 10 years working in the children's accessory and toy industry with countless trips to factories, raw materials markets, and seeing how these products withstood the test of time we decided to make a change for the better.  This process started with the materials we surround ourselves with and offer to our children to play with.

We began the journey almost 6 years ago when we met with our first toy maker; a small family-run shop that pays workers a fair wage for a day of work and uses sustainable wood that would otherwise be destroyed.  Since then our vision and direction has changed a few times but has lead us here to Oak & Ever and we can’t wait to see where the future takes us. 

Our name pays homage to that very first maker we started working with who crafts all of his toys from Rubberwood which is in the Oak family, later we started working with bamboo which is in the evergreen family.  So this is where the name Oak & Ever originated from.  

Working with small makers, craftspeople, and brands who produce in small batches using only natural, local, and sustainable materials when possible is something that will always be at the forefront of our vision.

Our Ethos:

* Play should be natural and made from sustainable or responsibly harvested materials.

*Children deserve toys that are made from materials free from any extra toxins or chemicals.

*The best play happens when a child’s mind and creativity happen naturally without the addition of toys with lights and sounds.

 *Play should be open-ended and encourage children’s creativity and independent thinking; not directed.

*That details like handcrafted, handmade, hand-painted, and value create longevity and uniqueness.

 *That 3 well-selected toys are better than 10.