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Abel Blocks Mini 24 REWOOD

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Abel Blocks Mini 24 REWOOD is a set of 24 eco-friendly wooden blocks that stimulate creative play with their natural shapes and textures. These blocks are made from 80% wood from pruning waste and 20% natural and recycled binding material, making them a sustainable choice for children and the environment. The size of Abel Blocks Mini 24 REWOOD works well with little hands and pairs perfectly with other blocks, slats, or rainbows.

When you see the mini’s, you just want to play with them. And once you start playing with them, you don’t want to stop anymore.  Push your limits and build fantastic towers, marble runs, and mandalas. Start building in a peaceful moment all by yourself. or ask some friends to join you in creating amazing circular structures, bridges and mandala shapes. Logical thinking and practical physics can all be discovered through experimental play. A wonderful open-ended resource, these blocks can be incorporated into other play – making ramps for cars, and enclosures for farm animals as well as combining with other wooden blocks for creative play.


  • 24 Pieces 
  • Size - 5" across x 1" wide
  • 100 % recycled


  • 3 years + 
  • Made from  80% wood from pruning waste and 20% natural and recycled binding material
  • Made in the Netherlands

The unique shape and the impressive format of the Abel blocks ensures that everything you build with the Abel blocks immediately looks quite beautiful. Abel Blocks can be greatly used to advance fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, creativity, and fantasy. It is also fantastic game material to teach children to work together.