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Calm Sensory Rounds - Stone Rolling Ball for Sensory Play

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Roll into the world of zen-tastic vibes with our delightful rollers! Not only do they transform your kid's fine motor skills into mini-ninjas, but they're also the secret agents of serenity. Picture this: your little ones diving into a world of relaxing, continuous designs, exploring directions like a kid in a candy store – round and round, up and down, or maybe just letting the creativity flow like a zen river!

But that's not all the fun – these rollers are the hand muscle gym you never knew your child needed. Strengthening those tiny hands, they're not just creating patterns; they're building the foundations for future handwriting greatness. It's like giving your kiddos a ticket to the rollercoaster of calm and cool hand coordination. Let the good vibes and giggles roll!


  • this set includes 6 Sensory Balls : fish shoal, waves, clouds, feathers, stars, and hearts
  • Size: Each ball is about 1.75" in diameter

Other Info:

  • 3 years +
  • Stones are made from a unique stone composite and are strong enough to be used even by your roughest little, both inside and outdoors.
  • Designed in the UK; Responsibly made in China