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CUBORO - The Book - Book of Marble Run Builds for Cuboro

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The Book," the ultimate guide that unlocks the secrets and possibilities of the mesmerizing CUBORO wooden ball run system!

This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated book takes you on a journey through the captivating world of CUBORO. It is the perfect companion for enthusiasts of all ages who want to dive deeper into the art of building intricate ball run structures and exploring the endless creative potential of CUBORO.

Inside the pages of "CUBORO: The Book," you'll find step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and inspiring ideas to help you create awe-inspiring ball run tracks. Discover the secrets of constructing challenging pathways, and achieving mind-bending designs that will leave everyone amazed.


  • This book contains:
    - Declaration on the marble run system
    - Play with CUBORO
    - Construction plans
    - Quiz
    - Contests
    - Other areas of application
    - History to the Swiss original
    - Overview of CUBORO elements


  • This book is a reference book to accompany CUBORO marble runs and is not a toy. 
  • Made in the  Switzerland 

About the Brand: 

The CUBORO marble run system from Switzerland has been inspiring all generations worldwide since 1986.

The sustainable toy made from natural Swiss wood inspires young and old and guarantees lasting fun. CUBORO stands for timeless design and lifelong learning.  The carpenters at Nyfeler Holzwaren AG process regional beech wood in highest quality into the CUBORO elements.

The marble run system consists of over 100 different CUBORO elements with various functions. Through creative combinations and logical planning, you can create an infinite number of marble runs.

With CUBORO learning becomes a game CUBORO challenges children and adults according to their abilities while awakening the joy of experimentation and supporting logical thinking. The marble run system trains fine motor skills, strengthens spatial imagination and stimulates creativity. You can play alone or in a group. CUBORO promotes collaboration - at home, in kindergartens, schools and teams.