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Needle Felting Starter Kit


This needle felting set includes everything you need to get you started with needle felting.   Enough wool and needles to get you going on a bunch of different crafts, you'll be turning out felted projects in no time. 

This set includes:

  • Fairy wool in assorted colors
  • 6 felting needles
  • Wood felting needle holder (single and multi)
  • Metal cutter forms (star & heart)
  • Foam rubber pad
  • Pieces of jute (used as a backing for some felting projects)


  • !!Warning Sharp parts!!
  • These are needles, and they are sharp so please keep that in mind.
  • Best for older children 12+ with adult supervision
  • Fairy Wool is 100% organic wool and dyed with plant based dyes
  • Made in Germany